Hi!  I’m Teresa Cochran.  This is a blog site about finding yourself in all areas of your life. Over the years I have grown and evolved as a person, and I’m still continuing to learn and grow.  Creating this blog is one of those growth spurts.  I published a few articles a few years ago on Finding Your People, Finding Your Confidence, and Finding Your Strength.  They can be found on this site as well in the Blog section.  I’ve spent years being self-taught on how to search for my tribe of people in life, feel confident in any situation, and what I like to call “flipping the switch” to find my inner strength. Writing about all of these things have helped me attain my goals, and I’m here to help you as well.  Please feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you would like me to write about.  I usually take my similar situations and share how I handled those experiences.  I’m not perfect but I am positive.  I believe in seeing the silver lining and the glass half full.

I have also grown to have much love and respect for food and wine.  I’m not a chef or sommelier, YET!  I’ve been cooking, gourmet, for about 15 years. I’ve learned enough about wine that when I read the description on the bottle I know whether or not it’s a wine I would enjoy.  I have also learned that we all have different palates, so if you do not like something you are not wrong.  It’s just not for your palate.  I’m mentioning all of this because of my love and search of amazing food and wine, they too, like finding your soul are all true passions of mine.  Therefore, you will see some blogging about these topics as well.

Finding food, wine, and your soul.  Sign me up!